“Word of mouth is the best medium of all.”

–William Bernbach

Networkingologist is intended to help you make the most of the time and effort you devote to business networking.

    We’re not the back-slapping type of person who seems to thrive in a networking environment. However, we’ve concluded that networking is an incredibly important skill (set of skills, really) that deserves attention.

    So, hopefully you'll benefit from the ideas and resources assembled here. Over time, the content will add up to a virtual networking course to help you better understand business networking and how it works in your world.

    Several years ago, Daniel Pink wrote a book called To Sell Is Human that explored the pervasive role of selling in our lives. We believe it's just as true to say, "To Network Is Human."

    For example, what do you do when you need to tackle a new problem (e.g., buy a computer, find a vendor you can rely on, or rent an apartment)? If you’re like us, you probably call (or email, or text) a friend who you think will have an answer. We may be an expert in some areas, but when we get stuck, we instinctively reach out to people we know (also known as our network). For instance, in our world there is an good friend who understands computers. When we need a new machine, we ask him what to buy. He understands computer chips and memory in a way that we never will.

    We would argue that networking is something most of us do without thinking. It’s automatic to tap family, friends and professional contacts to solve the routine—and rare—personal and work challenges that life hands us.

...networking is an incredibly important skill 

that deserves attention.